Stag party planning

In order for anything to be successful, it should be well planned ( For the case of a stag party, you should plan everything before settling to throwing the party, failing to plan nothing will go well, and you will fail to have fun. There are several things you should look at when planning a stag weekend, and they are discussed below.

Chose the guest list

Take your time in choosing who you want in this party, your weekend should be fun, and that is why you should choose your good friends. Don’t invite someone you are not in good terms with because they might end up ruining your moods and you will end up having an awkward weekend.

Communicate with the group

After coming up with a name, it is advisable that you create a group so that this person can know each other, they can also ask anything they need to know ( This prevents them from calling every now and then hence confusing you. Talk about the dates, disabilities, what to pack, food allergies and many other things.


Set a budget

Setting a budget will help you chose the right destination, talk with your friends and discuss how much each one of them can spend on the trip. When setting the budget, you need to focus on the location, how long the trip will take, what others can afford, activities, stag surprises and many other things.

You can not set the length of the trip before consulting your invited friends because some of them can not afford to stay for long maybe due to jobs, budget and other things ( Don’t make someone spend more than what he had budgeted for.

Make a checklist of what to pack.

Make a list of everything you need to carry on the stag do so that you don’t forget any and if the party takes place abroad, what comes first in your checklist is a passport, visa, sun cream insurance details, boarding details and all those things that are necessary.

Stag party planning